Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

I wish that you have a happy and safe 4th of July.  It's terribly hot here - it's been in the 100+ for the last 7 days.  So family, barbecuing, swimming, and a few adult beverages are in order.

Have a fun 4th of July.

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La Doña Boutique

Monday, June 24, 2013

Clovis Flea Pics

These are the pictures from the first Clovis Vintage Market Flea from two weeks ago.  There were many vendors with many wonderful things to sell.  I did't buy much but really enjoyed walking through and visiting with many vendors.

This is cool...

LOVE! Love the wood and burlap blocks.  They snagged them as I was taking a picture.

Check out this wire peace sign!  Isn't cool?

This lady used a baby changing table as her cashiering station.  Pretty clever.

This sign made me laugh.  A little out of focus though.

Hope your enjoying your summer and creating away.  

Creating for the greater good.
La Doña Boutique

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Clovis Flea!

So today is the first annual Clovis Flea in our area.  To my knowledge this is the only one in the area.  If I want to go to a good ole flea market I have to travel 3 hours out of town to the Bay area, San Luis Obispo, or to the LA.  Hopefully this will be a good one and that it becomes and annual event.  I'll take pictures and share with you later.

Gotta Go.  Take care!

Creating for the greater good.
La Doña Boutique

Monday, June 3, 2013

Mod Melt


If your like most crafters - collectors and hoarders of all things crafty, then you probably have heard of this new Modge Podge product.  It's the Mod Melt - plastic resin type that melts with your high temp glue gun into any silicone mold and comes in two colors; sea glass and milk glass - I think those are the names.  They also have a line of molds.  You now can make embellishments for jewelry, cards, and scrapbooking, but I am sure there are plenty more uses for these.  

Here's a video I found on You Tube.

Let me know if you try these.  I still need to get to  Michael's craft store to check them out.  

Take care.

Creating for the greater good.
La Doña Boutique

Saturday, May 11, 2013

May...The Month of Mary

Hello my dear friends!

Happy Mothers Day to all you  beautiful ladies!

This month of May, in my Catholic faith, May is the month of Mary.  Here are several holy cards I have borrowed from Holy Card Heaven.  I couldn't decide which I loved the most to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day, so I'm posting several.  

                               Source:  Holy Card Heaven

                                   Source:  Holy Card Heaven

The Love of Mary.  The benedictions of the Divine Child Jesus are for those who love His Mother.  Fr. Faber  Holy Card Heaven

                            Source:  Holy Card Heaven

                               Source:  Holy Card Heaven

                              Source:  Holy Card Heaven


Creating for the greater good.
La Doña Boutique

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Polymer Clay Glazing Fail

Hello My Dear Friends!  I hope this finds you well.

My last post was about how much I enjoyed playing with polymer clay, right?  Not so much right now!  I have been experimenting with glazing finishes to no avail.  

See the very tip of the strawberry - thats where the glaze accumulated- yuck!.

I've been searching online, including YouTube and watching endless videos and reviews of this and that product.  Well, the three I have used have not worked for me or at least have not performed to my satisfaction.  I want to have a very shiny, almost glass like finish on my polymer clay strawberries.  

This is my homemade drying rack.  Works good just wish the glazing products did.  They do look deceivingly shiny, it's the flash though.

These are the glazes I've used - Yup that's Pledge floor care.  One of the people I YouTubed recommended it.  Her charms looked very nice and shiny, so I thought what the heck.  Not for me though.

Any ideas or glazing product recommendations for me?  I so much want to get these done soon so that I can finish a gift for a blog friend.  I did pick up a 2 part resin today at Michaels and will be trying that soon.  

I'll keep you posted on my glazing dilemma and if you have a recommendation for me by all means, please leave me a comment.  

Glaze you later, peace!

Creating for the greater good.
La Doña Boutique

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Polymer Clay Love

Do you like polymer clay?   I love polymer clay and used to work with it quite a bit... hmm?  I am sure I must have a box full of it somewhere.  It's been years since I used polymer clay, though.  I became enamored with a polymer strawberry pendant I spied on Pinterest and immediately ran to my favorite craft store to get these colors as it was easier to buy new clay rather than dig through boxes.   Here's what I have done so far.    

Stay tuned...I will get back to finish these soon.  My nieces and my new blog friend Tanya will surely enjoy these.  Take care my friends.

Creating for the greater good.
La Doña Boutique

Friday, February 1, 2013

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Hello my dear friends.  I hope you are all doing well this fine Friday.
I'm a little late in announcing the winner of the custom memory bracelet.  I entered all 30 of you who left a comment on my blog while visiting during the Grow Your Blog event. 

 And the winner is:

Tanya from Bead & Thread!  Congratulations!

Please contact me to work out the details.  

Have a great weekend everyone.

Creating for the greater good.
La Doña Boutique

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Grow Your Blog Update

Just a quick update...
Entries for the Grow Your Blog giveaway will close February 1, 2013.  It seems that everyone is closing the entries on that date so I am jumping on the bandwagon.

A big "THANK YOU!" to all who have visited, are now following and have left a comment - you will be entered into the giveaway and the winner will be selected by Randomizer.

Creating for the greater good.
La Doña Boutique

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Grow Your Blog Party

Welcome...I'm happy you have made it to my little corner in blogland!
Today I'm joining Vicki @ 2 Bags Full for the "Grow Your Blog Hop".  The purpose is for you and your blog to gain more exposure and meet others along the way.  
Thank's Miss Vicki!

My name is Jenny.  I'm wife to Jose, my college sweetheart, auntie and Nina (Godmother) to a gazillion nieces and nephews.  I have 5 wonderful sisters and 3 crazy brothers, lol - I have a very large family.  I work full-time at a large university with college and high school students, which I love, but I also have a passion for creating. 

I discovered the creative bug as a young girl but really didn't fully embrace it until after I graduated from college.  Since, I have delved in flower arranging, party planning, sewing, home decorating,  folk art, ceramics, mix media, scrapbooking, and finally the jewelry bug hit big time.  Creating and repurposing jewels and baubles continues to be my favorite.  Although, I do take breaks from jewelry making to play with my other crafts, especially if I have been on Pinterest,lol.

Anyway, that is a synopsis of who I am and I hope you continue to return for a visit.

I will be giving away a prize...a bracelet.  I like to make pieces with photos, so maybe something along the lines of a memory bracelet.  I just participated in another blog for which I made this special piece to honor my godmother's memory (see previous post).  This is it:

It does not have to be like this one.  Your choice of colors and beads and of course your favorite photo.  We will work out the details once you win.  

My only two requirements are to leave me your email address in the comment section of my blog and be participating in this blog hop.  

Happy Blog Hopping everyone!

Creating for the greater good.
La Doña Boutique

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Memories And Thank You Blog Hop

Memories and Thanks Blog Hop begins today, hosted by Lori Anderson at  Pretty Things.  Have a look.

I made this bracelet in memory of my Madrina Teresa (Godmother Teresa).  She was the person who helped me discover my creativity.  She never married and my brothers and sisters and I were her "kids" and we all loved her dearly.  We all still speak about her and remember how so very kind and giving she was.  I remember her soft words, always.

I composed a religious theme bracelet in her honor because she was a devote Catholic who attended Mass on a daily basis - she exuded kindness, charity, and love.  Every time I think about her, it brings a smile, Oh, how I miss her.

This is Madrina Teresa as a very young girl.  I tried a new resin product to that cured with a UV light to imbed her image.  Didn't work very good, oh well.

I made a soldered crystal with an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus adhered to the back along with a piece of scripture.

I just love these pearl crosses. 

I used vintage chain, freshwater baroque pearls, Czech crystal and gold filled wire. To finish it I used a 16mm Miriam Haskell vintage pearl.  

See the bubbles?

I hope you are enjoying visiting everyone and you have enjoyed your visit with me.  Oh, and I must not forget to tell you, Madrina Teresa was daughter of my Peppa who I named my blog after.

Thank you Lori.  God's blessing to you.

Creating for the greater good.
La Doña Boutique
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