Saturday, October 16, 2010

So this is what I've been up to...

I'v had this cold for a while but it finally took ahold of me in the last couple of days - especially yesterday. I woke up an could not get out of bed. My husband forced me to stay home and I am so glad I did. He gave me some medicine got me comfy and cosey and off to work he went. Guess what? Now his getting sick, opps, he's better about taking care of himself than I am though.
I have been meaning to share pictures with you from my excursion to the Candlestick Park Flea Market in San Francisco last month, however, life kept getting in the way. I've been really busy with work stuff, mainly.  I wish I could just create full time. I am so happy for those of you that get to do this full time.  Ok, I think I'ts the meds talking now...

Here we go.

I had never been to this flea market and I think I must have gone on an off day because there were not many vendors.  The information online stated that they host many more vendor than what actually was there.  In their defense, it was on the 4th Sunday instead of the usual 3rd Sunday due to a Niner game.

Isn't this dress adorable? I am sure alot of you could create some yummy things with this.

I had to touch these to make sure they were real.  They looked so lovely and fresh.  I understand they propagate pretty easily. 

I just loved this vignette.

And this is my husband who accompanies me just about everywhere.  He is the best I must tell you cause I have dragged him around to some low places, just kidding, to many yard sales, estate sales, flea markets.  I'm taking a class at the in November and he is going with me. :)

Getting ready for the winter.

All the pretty whites, greens birdies and shells .


Such pretty pillows and framed prints.

I am seeing so much religious art everywhere.

I fell in love with these two chandeliers and I had to be reminded if it was " a want or a need", so they stayed behind.  Hopefully they both found good homes.

Crisp and intricate linens and fabrics.

This is what I purchased and my main reason for going to the Candlestick Flea Market.  I found a vendor who was so nice -she had her hair up in pigtails and I think she was French - I meant to get her name.  I was dizzy from looking at so much that I did not get anyones shop name -  I'm serious my brain was on overload.  Next time I will make sure to get all the correct informtion so I can post their names.

I wish everyone a happy weekend.  Hope all of you are well.  God'sBlesssings!


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