Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where Blogger Create 2012

A big thanks to Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage for hosting Where Bloggers Create 2012.  

I have met and connected with many new blog friends and I am still only on the M's.  If you wish to see many wonderful and neat creative spaces, check out her blog.

My Creative Space ahead.

Yay! I finally arrived.  It's been a ride alright to get here.  I wanted to present to you  a nice and clean studio and I got over my head, lol.  Don't we all get a little neurotic when we know company is coming?  My office / studio is not always this clean - I had a 10 and a 13 year old nephews help me.  At the end I will show you pictures of odds and ends I didn't have space for...maybe you can offer me some storage suggestions. 

My studio doesn't have a door.  I have curtains to close myself off, if need be.
This is the view as you enter from the foyer.  It has changed quite a bit from the last party.  I used to have a large door that my husband converted into a table with a glass top / storage.  It was convenient for storage by not very feasible to work on with the glass top.  I relegated it to the backyard.

Another view from the entry way.  I purchased the table Ikea.  Very cheap and it has a nice work surface.  Not that I've done much in the last few months.  I'v been out of commission due to some health issues but have bounced back - thank God!  Really, all that I have done is visited blogs for the last few months and recently I've gotten the creative bug back, somewhat.

Another view.  See that chair? It's an office chair that I kinda covered.

I use an old dresser for storage to hold jars, containers and plates that I have repurposed - yard sale and thrifting finds.  Did your hydrangeas give you good blooms?  Mine did not- most only gave me a few blooms and my favorite only gave me one - see the pink one there - that's it!  

See that tiered plates on the left?  Those are plates that I epoxied together.  
I took the handles off the top two drawers and replaced them with tassels, decoupaged with  gift wrapping paper.  Oh, and see the edge of the mustard and beige doily there at the top of the pic?  My mom made that. The women in my family crocheted, sewed, cross stitched and knitted.  I have many of the crocheted heirlooms and I put them to good use throughout my studio and house. 

Here's a view of how I use the drawers.

 This little station holds my moms sewing box which I have repurposed to store my receipts and invoices.

Inside are odds and ends but on the top shelf is some of my stash of crocheted goodies.

More storage.  I label my boxes so that I know what I have inside.  I hang my chain from a piece of painted board with hooks.

 I LOVE angels, do you? 

More storage ideas.

 This bookcase is topped with a crotched white table runner my aunt gave me.  She still lives in Mexico and is one of our last few living relatives.

 Homage to Madrina Teresa.   The  holy card in the shell frame is a funeral memento I've had since her death in 1992 and it's of Saint Therese of Lisieux- her favorite saint.  And theres the baby Jesus I also inherited from her. He's moved in to my studio.

And this beautiful lady here is my (godmother)  Madrina Teresa - she was also my aunt, who I credit for guiding me in the right path, as she introduced me to crafting at a very young age.  I need to have her photo cleaned up.  I'll have to have someone do it for me though.

More stuff...

Inside the hutch.

Inspirational board.

And this is where I sit to visit your blogs.

What can I do with this mess of wires?

In need of a home.

More stuff.


Told you I had more junk.  I threw this in a spare bedroom.

Join the fun over at Karen's Where Blogger Create 2012 and visit all the bloggers.

Thanks Karen for hosting!

Creating for the greater good. 
La Doña Boutique

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