This tutorial is to create a pearl cross.  You can use whatever kind of bead you have on hand.  I think I'll make more of these to hang on my Christmas tree too.  I used cream and white because of the occassion but you can use your choice of colors.  It will be adorable in any color combination you choose.

Items you will need

14 Pearls
1 large crystal to hang at the bottom
1 Filegree disk or charm
1 Heart shaped bead
3 Head pins
1 Eye pin
Wire cutters
Wire wrapping pliers
Flat nose pliers
Glue such as Glass & Bead glue by Aleene's

Step One
Take the eys pin and insert 6 pearls put aside
Take 1 head pin and insert 3 pearls, do the same with the other head pin, set aside.
Take the last head pin and add the crystal.

Step Two

Make a loop on both of the arms of the cross (head pins with the 3 pearls).  See below.

Step Three
Layer both cross arms on top of the eye pin with the 6 pearls.  Add two more pearls and close with a loop at the top.  See below.

Step Four
Make a charm with the crystal and hang as such, below.

Put a dab of glue in between where all your sections meet to prevent the cross arms from moving around and let dry.

Add  and glue the filegree disk and heart shaped bead to the center of the cross. Let dry.

You are done.  Insert a pretty ribbon and hang from where ever you choose. 

Designed by Jenny from La Doña Boutique

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