Saturday, June 19, 2010

My warmest welcome to all of you!

Where Bloggers Create II Blog Party

Thank you Karen from My Desert Cottage for hosting this event.
Please take a look at my creative work space.  

Where I sit and browse through all of your beautiful blogs

My door work table... a street side find many years ago...maybe 15?  I love how it has two shadow box nooks.  See next pics.

See...perfect to incase vintage finds.

Some of my goodies.  I like to organize because if not, I end up with 20 of the same thing.  The cabinet in the middle belonged to my mother.  My brother made it for her when he was in high school.

Close ups

Meet Paz &  Amor...
King and Queen of hanging around in my creative space.  Her necklace is actually one of my very first jewelry pieces I made.

Other creations.

The other side of the room.

See my mom's doilies.  I remember them so well.

Cuttie Pie!

I thank you for stopping by.  I invite you to become a follower.  Blessings!

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