Friday, April 30, 2010

Hey...I'm trying.

Well darlings, I can honestly say that I have been trying.  I took about 50 pictures and do not like many of them.  But here are a few...i just can't stand not posting any on the blog though.  So here is just a  few.

Jesus Carring the Cross

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Miraculous Medal Bronze Cuff

Our Lady of Guadalupe Bronze Cuff

Turquoise Our Lady of Guadalupe Necklace

Red Quartz Sacred Heart Necklace

Thursday, April 29, 2010

So many new adventures and discoveries...

I have been scouring the internet the last few evenings looking for a "FREE" blog template.  I finally found one at and they are fabulous!  I found the one - it needed to go with my Mama Birdie logo that I had custom made for my etsy shop.  Anyway still working on getting myself and my stuff together...soon, so very soon.

Monday, April 26, 2010

This continues...

Well I have been trying...just really tired.  I have made several pieces that I am ready to share but have not had the time to take pictures during the day.  I am either at work or out of town.  I don't like taking pictures with flash and at night.  I like to take pictures in filtered natural light so I hope to get home early one of these days this week and take the darn pictures.  I've made some really nice crystal pendants with the technique I found thru Belle Armoire Jewelry by the artist Jessica Moreau-Berry.  I have put my own twist to them.  Hope to share soon and to put them on my etsy shop. Excited about sharing my blog as well...just a little intimidated.
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