Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Say hello to my little friend"

I'm a very happy girl now.  I have my new toy to play with - my iMAC!  Not bragging ladies, just sharing my happiness with you.   But let me also share my frustration with my old computer.  It was just not cutting it any more.  I literally had to turn it on, walk away, let it load up and then return in 10 minutes.  My husband tried everything but could not get it to run any better.  It all happened after I saw that popular commercial promising that your computer would run faster and  better after you did x,y and z.  Don't believe it, it's a bunch of crock.  It messed everything up, it hid files, slowed it even more, crashed, blocked us from accessing anything literally, and kept finding a gazillion errors and viruses- all fake.  He called the so called company and of course, they tried to sell him a program to clean it up and to maintain it.  They helped, supposedly delete their download, but it just would not work.  He finally started researching on going to different blogs and found that it was all a scheme to sign you up for their service.  

If you happen to get in the same mess I did, I suggest you go to  They provided us with information to be able to restore the computer to a workable state.  However it was not the same.  At least they gave us resources to be able to retrieve all our information and thousands of family treasured photos.  We probably could have taken it in to clean up even more, but we decided it was time to upgrade. I've been a Mac fan for years - that's what I use at work - but my husband has slowly converted. 

"Say hello to my little friend"

I hope to you don't ever experience this.  You can't believe the anxiety I experienced when I thought I had lost everything. The moral of this story is don't download shtuff you don't know anything about, k ladies?  Has anyone else experienced this?  Hugs to all of you.

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